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How our Cryosauna Stacks up to Our Competitors

At FitCryo, we invest in the latest cryogenic technology, which is why we’ve chosen to use the Juka Cryosauna, a single-person chamber. Take a deeper look into our cryosaunas, and why they’re the best on the market.

At FitCryo, we use the Juka Cryosauna because it’s the oldest and most trusted company in the world producing cryotherapy machines. The Juka Cryosauna is built with numerous safety mechanisms in place, making sure all treatments are as safe as possible. Equipped with an electric lift so that only the body is submerged, it allows you to be in constant communication with your technician.

Safety is our biggest priority, and with the Juka Cryosauna, you’re not separated by any doors like in a cryochamber. If you’re claustrophobic or nervous (don’t worry, it’s normal to be nervous), it helps to have your head exposed, so you never feel trapped. The doors are also on magnets, making it easy for you to push and exit if necessary.


The cryosauna also ensures privacy, as your body cannot be seen from the neck down. Some people are not comfortable being seen in little clothing, and your comfort is very important to us. In a cryochamber, your full body is visible to the technician for safety reasons, but this may not be appealing to some.

While cryochambers are bigger, and some people enjoy doing their sessions with friends, our reason for choosing the Juka Cryosauna is because it’s significantly smaller, therefore making the air colder. The continuous flow technology included in the Juka Cryosauna offers stable temperature throughout your treatment. It is also the only cryosauna on the market equipped with an oxygen monitor at mouth-level, ensuring that you only breathe room air during your session.

We want your visit at FitCryo to be as comfortable and safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and a technician will be able to answer your questions.