About Our Technologies

Technologies we use

At FitCryo, we invest in the latest technology, which is why we’ve chosen to use the JUKA Cryosauna, a single-person chamber equipped with an electric lift so that only the body is submerged, as well as NormaTec, one of the leaders in rapid recovery.Their technology consists of compression systems that go on the legs, arms, or hips. 


Our Mission

Passion Behind Fitcryo

We want everyone to feel welcome at FitCryo. We offer an elevated experience that will make your recovery feel as comfortable as possible. Whether it’s for your lifestyle, performance, or sport, we’re passionate about following your journey to see how cryotherapy can help you.

We believe that the innovative technology used in cryotherapy has revolutionized the way we achieve our long-term fitness goals. With rapid recovery that helps beyond an ice bath, we’re excited to bring this technology to the athletes of San Diego.



Athletes that use cryotheraphy to heighten their performance.